Hands-on boating courses are here!  Now open in Central Florida!

Basic Powerboat Training

Our Hands-on Training: Basic Powerboat program helps you develop boat handling skills.   You will learn basic and advanced techniques that will last a lifetime. You’ll be more confident at the helm as you expand your boating horizons.  Plus you’ll have more fun while boating!

Elevate Your Skills

We use a blended learning strategy to combine classroom training with hands-on practice in small groups.  Our certified instructors will provide personal coaching to bring out the best in you.  If you are new to boating, we’ll help you acquire the skills needed to be confident and safe.  If you have years of experience, we will show you new techniques and increase your understanding.

Available and Affordable

Our training is available through our network of Learning Centers, as well as local America’s Boating Club® squadrons.   You can find the training that best fits your schedule.  As a non-profit organization, we’re able to keep the cost of the training as low as possible.